Filling Sensor – Level measurement ACW-LVL

Filling Sensor – Monitoring of the level of water, fuel, snow, waste…

Sensor intended for remote monitoring of the levels of many types of containers, such as dumpsters, agricultural silos or even liquid tanks. Makes it possible to significantly reduce the costs of garbage collection, for example.

The ACW-LVL facilitates the wireless reporting of a distance thanks to its powerful ultrasonic sensor. The measurements are regularly transmitted on Sigfox or LoRaWAN networks and its configuration is configurable from the tools of the ATIM suite.

The installation and the handling are Plug & Play and done in less than 10 minutes.

Commonly used in cities, industry, utilities and connected buildings (Smart Building), the ACW-LVL is suitable for many applications such as

  • Optimising the collection rounds of household waste containers
  • Precise knowledge of the filling level of agricultural silos
  • Monitor the level of a river to prevent flooding
  • Measuring the height of snow, sand, gravel, etc.

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