Warehouses nowadays need to function smarter by operating efficiently, adhering to standards and reducing errors. With TST's networked devices and smart technology, warehouses now can drive performance, productivity and convenience in all facets of its operations.

Smart Warehouse Benefits

Improved labor efficiency – With some tasks being automated, your staff will be able to achieve more over their shift timings and you will be able to optimize your workforce.

Increased operations visibility – Get real-time and historical information about the warehouse operations including conditions and inventory.

Scalability – With automated processes and adaptable warehouse, it will be easier to accommodate growth with the increasing demand of customers.

We customize solutions depending on your requirements. We offer various smart warehouse technologies that include, but not limited to:

Automatic Inventory – active RFID tags to identify objects in the warehouse and to track the locations.

Automated Localization – identification tags that will help you detect the arrival and departure of equipment, inventory or shipments in your warehouse.

Asset Tracker – get detailed information about the real-time and historical movements and occupancy of your warehouse.

Monitoring Alerts – set up alerts when objects stay too long or leave a specified area/location.

TST Platform will help you manage the entire ecosystem to have precise data analysis.


Slim ID
Thinline IR
Industrial Tracker
Micro Tracker

We can help you right away to customize, implement, test and integrate smart warehouse solution based on your requirements.