With the growing global population and the radical climate change, the agriculture industry is embracing cutting-edge technology to optimize efficiency and crop yields to meet the demand for more foods.

TST offers smart agriculture with high technology system for growing food cleanly that is sustainable for all. We employ an IoT-based system for monitoring crops using sensors for light, temperature, humidity, soil’s pH level and many more. With LoRa-based devices, we can determine the current status of farms or fields.

Information collected from these devices will be aggregated and be monitored by the farmers anywhere and will be able to make adjustments and automation for processes like fertilizing and irrigation systems. This will save farmers from potential risks of losses due to rotting of crops from climatic changes and other factors.

Increased production:
  • Increased production
  • Lowered costs due to automation
  • Real-time and accurate farm data
  • Remote monitoring of crops and equipment
  • Reduced water consumption


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TST Smart Agriculture
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We can help you right away to customize, implement, test and integrate smart agriculture solution based on your requirements.