To achieve productivity and efficiency in ports, a fully automated set up where connected devices through IoT is employed. TST smart port automation transforms these port services into interactive processes.

Ports, vessels and other equipment are monitored, ensuring seamless integration to address current and future requirements of seaports. Our solutions are aimed at targeting spatial constraints, sustainability, productivity issues, safety and security risks.

Smart Ports Benefits

Increased business returns – Efficient port operations and management will give a significant impact on the prices of product and services being shipped.

Minimized risks – With close monitoring to port conditions and other aspects such as storage, loading, unloading, etc., it is possible for early detection of impending risks in the port operations such as adverse weather, contaminations, safety, etc.

Stable operations - It improves operations capability and makes communication more transparent with shipping owners, agents and port authorities with an interconnected and interactive system.

Main elements of the Port Sensing system Main LOT technologies Control area

We customize solutions depending on your requirements. We offer various smart ports technologies that include, but not limited to:

Asset Tracker – aimed at the identification and localization of mobile parts and equipment.

Container Security – electronic lock to ensure trailer safety as well as localization and tracking of other data such as opening history, etc.

Environment monitoring – beacons and tags that monitors the temperature in trailers, weather conditions and many more.

We can help you right away to customize, implement, test and integrate smart ports solution based on your requirements.