Buildings are often regarded as assets that are depreciating on the income statement of a company. However, if you have connected or smart buildings that operate intelligently, make processes easier and create value for a more productive organization, then you can turn them into strategic assets.

TST Smart Building solution has helped building owners, occupants and facility maintenance staff by offering:

  • Performance monitoring
  • Detection of inefficiencies
  • Identification of possible causes
  • Automatic adjustments capabilities
  • Programmed alerts to concerned individuals to minimize response time

Our IoT infrastructure uses sensors that are located in different spots for different devices that will feed data including light, sound/movement, occupancy, temperature and other components of the rooms in the building. These real-time and historical data then will be beneficial in the determination of rooms’ usage, water, energy and other analytics for decision-making for maintaining a secured, comfortable and productive building.

Creating a smart building can translate into better business impact and user experience. We can help you make your buildings work for you by combining the latest technologies in IoT, connectivity, the cloud and the infrastructure to enhance efficiency and control for satisfied occupants

Here are our smart building technologies:

Energy Management System – Uses data collected through metering and monitoring to optimize overall functions of the building by controlling and scheduling them to lower energy consumption and increase energy efficiency

Security and Access Control - A platform that keeps entry information, tenant’s behavior and room utilization to verify authorized visitors and can pinpoint potential risks for security issues. This also alerts the right people for intrusions or emergencies.

Lighting Control – Monitor and optimize the consumption of your lighting fixtures while allowing comfort and control to the building users.

Mechanical Maintenance Monitoring – Customized solution for increasing the lifespan of equipment, enhanced safety and operational reliability.

Water Management – Manages and monitors the water consumption by controlling the water usage in certain areas and time. It can also send alerts for water leakages.

Fire Detection and Alarm – Intelligently programmed fire detectors and alarms which can precisely evaluate the environmental conditions and can send essential alert notifications quickly.

TST Platform will help you manage the entire ecosystem to have precise data analysis.


ACW-TH (Temperature and Humidity)
ACW-DI (Water/Energy/ Gas Metering)
ACW-WL (Water Leak)
LoRa Gateway (Smart Building Gateway)

We can help you right away to customize, implement, test and integrate smart buildings solution based on your requirements.