Our mission is to empower cities in our region to achieve more. We want to connect people and information in platforms that will help in getting important things done while focusing on creating better communities.

More than technological transformations, we aim to build smart and engaged cities where life is easy and has a promise of a vibrant future.


Smart Industry

We offer digitization in the manufacturing industry where the physical and virtual world of the value chain production is merged into a fully integrated system of data, services and Internet of Things.

Smart Building

We can help you make your buildings work for you by combining the latest technologies in IoT, connectivity, the cloud and the infrastructure to enhance efficiency and control which can translate into better business impact and user experience.

Smart Agriculture

TST offers smart agriculture with high technology system for growing food that is sustainable for all. We employ an IoT-based system for monitoring crops using sensors for light, temperature, humidity, soil’s pH level and many more.

Smart Government

We help government entities reimagine their ecosystem by understanding their current status and assisting them in defining where they want to be in the future.

Smart Energy

Our solutions ensure that customers will be able to monitor their energy consumption and be able to employ saving measures to optimize energy usage as well as increase savings on their expenses. We make it easy for everyone by conserving energy without compromising comfort or any ergonomic factors.

Smart Roads and Transportation

With our smart roads and transportation solutions, people can safely get around quicker.

We implement warning systems like cameras and sensors, which makes real-time data and sharing of information across the network accessible.

Smart Airport

We aim to provide security and savings both to passengers and airlines by managing quick departures and arrivals at airports, minimizing delays and missed flights.

Smart School

With TST smart school solutions, we ensure that we have connected and secured city dwellers that have higher literacy level by leveraging the use of automation and technology like intelligent devices, sensors, big data and cloud in the school setting.

Smart Warehouse

Warehouses nowadays need to function smarter by operating efficiently, adhering to standards and reducing errors. With TST's networked devices and smart technology, warehouses now can drive performance, productivity and convenience in all facets of its operations.

Smart Ports

TST smart port automation transforms port services into interactive processes. Our solutions are aimed at targeting spatial constraints, sustainability, productivity issues, safety and security risks.


Product and Devices

Cloud Wireless Products

We offer easy set-up and fast access for our cloud wireless products.

Advanced Radio Modem

Our sophisticated range of radio modems provide error-free transmission even in high interference areas.

Antennas & Connectors

We offer a wide range of antennas and connectors depending on your size, type or frequency range requirements.

RF Modules

Our selection of wireless modules will help you with your specifications depending on the module type, range, certification, data rate or power consumption.

Shields Modules

We have got many shields that are easy to mount to add extra capabilities to your current set up.

Management Software

Secured online tool to collect and process IoT data from devices, sensors and other applications for easy data analysis.

All-in-One Products & Kits

We have kits and other all-in-one products that will help you jumpstart your vision for smart solutions.


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