This is an integrated solution to manage all the passenger needs while taking into consideration the business efficiency. We leverage technologies in an ecosystem of APIs and big data to provide a hassle-free experience to passengers by giving them real-time information about boarding gates, flight status, luggage and promotions.

Features of TST’s Smart Airport Solutions

Through the seamless process, passengers can have a safe and comfortable journey while minimizing wait times and inconveniences.


We have fully-automated data processing and provide access for every airport activity in different channels and through any device.


We use interfaces that are interactive for passengers and offers historical and real-time data where airports can raise process efficiency and do predictive controls.

GPS Tracking – Used for airport vehicles or equipment for assets management.


Indoor guidance – Interactive guided navigation for travelers to the boarding gate, security checkpoints and the nearest point of in terests.

Trolley Availability Tracking – Automated monitoring of real-time availability of trolley around the airport and alert notifications for shortages through digital trackers and RFIDs.

Passenger Count and Queueing – Smart sensors that provide data on the flow of passengers, waiting time and other information.

Beacon Infrastructure – This provides data that can be implemented in different functions like passenger flow, location, wayfinding, baggage collection and other flight information.

GPS Tracking – Used for airport vehicles or equipment for assets management.

We can customize solutions based on LoRaWAN technology, IOT platform, and Hypervision systems.

Let us help you start with your smart airport transformation.