With TST smart schools solutions, we ensure that we have connected and secured city dwellers that have higher literacy level by leveraging the use of automation and technology like intelligent devices, sensors, big data and cloud in the school setting.

TST provides starter kits and customizes suitable cutting-edge technology to create a smart environment that is conducive for a personalized and quality learning, focusing on security, satisfaction and savings for students, teachers and the institution.

We consider the needs, work processes, the physical and digital infrastructure of education institutions to implement a solution that delivers IoT technology in the learning environment.

Identified Needs

We assess specific needs and provide flexible options for both students and teachers for a unique, comfortable and customized learning environment.

Connected Processes

We aim for operational efficiencies that utilize interconnectivity for exchanges that improve process management and seamless data flow.

Adaptive Infrastructure

We deviate from conventional bounds and integrate cost-savings and adaptive infrastructure solutions in campuses or universities for enhanced functionality and high-level information communication.

Do you want to improve the learning environment and process in your institution? Let us help you with our starter kits or customized solutions for a smart education!