The manufacturing world nowadays faces challenges like customers’ increasing demand for high quality but cost-effective products at the quickest time possible. And along with this, the need to cater to this demand with limited resources and preferably in the most sustainable manner.

To be able to meet these requirements, small and big enterprises are embracing the era of virtualization and data.

That is why at TST, we offer digitization in the manufacturing industry where the physical and virtual world of the value chain production is merged into a fully integrated system of data, services and Internet of Things (IoT).

TST’s Smart Industry solution helps increase the efficiency of factories with a robust technology that is highly secured and has a real-time capability to meet varying demands and conditions in the supply network and customer needs.


Our smart industry solution is a holistic model that takes the entire manufacturing industry in connection with humans, machines/equipment and systems. Its digitization has a straightforward system integration approach across the value chain production.

The industrial IoT (IIoT) infrastructure that we employ enables a unified and seamless operation of all functionalities in the manufacturing environment. Equipment, products and sensors are interconnected through embedded CPS or cyber-physical systems. With wired and wireless communication Fieldbus protocols and systems, these components are converted into data that are being processed and collected for use in real-time and critical applications for monitoring and optimizing production systems.


Apart from this, our smart industry solution can also make use of non-manufacturing data like city management, traffic and weather conditions nearby that can improve inbound or outbound processes (e.g., during product deliveries). Our reliable data exchange across organizations and systems, along with information models and open standard APIs enable the interoperability of different applications.

TSTs smart industry solution will allow manufacturing companies to realize production line and value chain efficiency and effectiveness in terms of higher income and reduced costs. This will eventually improve the competitive edge that will enable expansion on the business volume for any industrial enterprise

We can help you right away to customize, implement, test and integrate smart industry solution based on your requirements..