With urbanization, we are expecting a significant need for energy supply in the next couple of years. Our solutions ensure that customers will be able to monitor their energy consumption and be able to employ saving measures to optimize energy usage as well as increase savings on their expenses.

We make smart energy management easy for everyone by conserving energy without compromising comfort or any ergonomic factors. TST uses different approaches depending on your site’s topography.

Energy control and monitoring

Deploy turnkey solutions that automatically identify energy savings through recorded variations.

  • Remote access to the analytics of energy consumptions and patterns
  • Allows notifications for abnormal consumptions
  • Centralized remote-control installation for systems regulation
Energy control and monitoring

Integrate existing energy or environmental data to generate comparison, identify and perform automatic improvements.

  • Matching of energy supply and demand
  • Automated collections and measurements systems
  • Solutions integration with other devices (sensors, meters, etc.)
Energy control and monitoring

Customize dashboards in support of energy management and improvement measures to empower smarter decisions.

  • Alarms, analysis and dashboardcustomization
  • Energy ratios pre-configuration
  • Action plans management and monitoring
Smart Meters: No More Estimated Bills

Our smart meters provide a digital and accurate reading of energy consumption. This usage report is automatically being sent to your energy supplier and you get to keep an in-home display that will give you actual costs. So, no more unexpected high bills and gain the complete control for your energy use!

Sophisticated - No need for Internet connection. It has its own dedicated secure communication network.

Safe - Tested to meet safety standards and has low radio wave emissions.

Secure - Has the highest security standards and does not store personal data.

TST Platform will help you manage the entire ecosystem to have precise data analysis.


ACW-DI (Water/ Energy/Gas Metering)
ACW-MR2 Elec

We can help you right away to customize, implement, test and integrate smart energy solution based on your requirements.