LoRaWAN networks Repeater ACW-LW8-GW

Extended LoRaWAN network coverage

The LW8-GW allows the densification of the LoRaWAN network. Thanks to its proprietary protocol, it facilitates the transmission of up to 6 isolated sensors. The frames received by the sensors are regularly transmitted on the LoRaWAN backend, both operator and private, and its configuration is configurable from the tools of the ATIM suite.

The installation and the handling are done in less than 10 minutes: Plug & Play.

Commonly used in cities, industry and connected buildings, the ACW-LW8-GW extends the LoRaWAN coverage in many applications such as :

  • LoRaWAN coverage international operators
  • Boiler rooms
  • Water consumption metering infrastructures
  • Basements
  • Parking

This extends the range of your network by covering the areas with weak signal. This is a repeater that allows the transmission of radio messages from local network to Orange LoRawan network. This is used in basement boiler rooms, pipes or basement car parks.

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