Inputs & Outputs Dry Contacts Smart Metering ACW-DINDxx

Contact transfer and remote control | metering

The DINDxx facilitates the reporting of the status of up to 8 dry contacts or up to 8 pulse counter indices. It also allows to remotely control industrial equipments and to check their proper functioning. The readings are regularly transmitted on Sigfox or LoRaWAN networks and its configuration is configurable from the ATIM suite tools.

The installation and the handling are done in less than 10 minutes: Plug & Play.

Commonly used in cities, industry and connected buildings, the ACW-DINDxx is suitable for many applications such as :

  • Connect the automatons of a production line: analyze the number and time of stoppages
  • Connect the public lighting of a city: identify very quickly when there is an electrical failure in a sector or a district
  • Improve the productivity of construction sites by identifying equipment disruptions

This reports the status of 16 dry contacts or metering inputs, including 8 inputs which can be configured for pulse counting. This is ideal in supervising and controlling equipment and PLCs.

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