Smart metering | Dry contacts ATEX ACW-MR2Ex

Smart metering ATEX – Gas meters

The MR2-EX allows the remote reading of one or two meters with pulse type output (dry contacts). The cycle time is configurable as well as the number of samples per message transmitted. For example, in order to save energy, the meter index can be read every 10 minutes and the 6 indexes can be transmitted only once per hour.

This information is transmitted by radio and on the Sigfox or LoRaWAN operated networks or in local mode with a Gateway installed on the site. The configuration can be configured locally by an internal USB link or remotely by Downlink from the network.

A connection cable to the standards of the most common gas meters is available: REF: CAB/MTRGAZ1

The installation and the handling of the solution are very simple and are carried out in less than 10 minutes: Plug & Play.

Commonly used in cities, industry and connected buildings, the ACW-MR2-EX is suitable for many applications such as :

  • Monitor the meter index of different gas, water or electricity meters, located in ATEX zones (Zone 2)
  • Monitor the consumption of water or electricity or gas: energy savings

This reports two digital values through a web platform. It also allows you to remotely read meter information from electric, gas or water counter on a regular basis. This product is suitable to supervise the condition of a piece of equipment or to get alerts in case problems arise. It is configured through a USB.

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