• Form Factor: ARM-Nano
  • LoRa radio technology, high sensitivity (-141dBm)
  • LoRaWan 1.0 protocol
  • 14 dBm maxi power output
  • Link budget: +155dB
  • Radio baud rate: 250bps to 1,200bps
  • UART Interface
  • < 1µA ultra-low power sleep mode
  • CMS module to solder on the card
  • Compact design with 30mm x 18mm

This allows communications from any point to a gateway, supporting LoRaWan technologies.
Functioning modes:

  • Transparent mode
  • Test mode: RSSI reading

Wake up sources:
  • Single digital input

  • Local or remote configuration by AT commands or SPI
  • Settings can be saved in EEPROM

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