Modbus radio Modem digital & analogue Inputs | Outputs M2M ARM-Dxxxx

Modbus input/output ports

The ARM-Dxxxx facilitates the transmission of Modbus information. With a serial connection RS232 or RS485, it interfaces with industrial automatons. The radio modem transfers up to 10 digital 0-30V inputs + 10 outputs, 4 analog inputs + 4 analog outputs from one PLC to another in P2P radioSigfox or LoRaWAN versions are also available to send information from an isolated Modbus PLC to IoT clouds.

Its configuration is configurable from the tools of the ATIM suite.

Installation and start-up takes less than 10 minutes: Plug & Play.

This is a radio modem for 868 MHz 500mW that has two digital input and output and one input and output 4-20mA. This is used either in Modbus slave, sleep mode or mirror mode.

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