• Form Factor: ARM-Pico
  • Compatible with LoRawan UpLink - Low-Power, Narrowband
  • 14dBm maxi power output
  • LoRawan link budget: +160dB uplink
  • SPI bus or UART Interface
  • Responsive and 1,5µA ultra-low power sleep mode (characters are not lost when woken up from UART)
  • CMS module to solder on the card
  • Compact design with 20mm x 12mm


This is the smallest but robust module from LoRawan in the market. Its RTU mode enables you to use the module without programming sensors with digital inputs like sound, temperature, light or vibration.

Functioning modes:

  • Modbus, transparent mode

Wake up sources:

  • Single digital input
  • Reception over UART without losing character
  • SPI command


  • Local or remote configuration by AT commands or SPI
  • Firmware is updated by encrypted bootloader using UART connection
  • Settings can be saved in EEPROM

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