• SMA radio - max 868MHz/27dBm
  • Ethernet (RJ45) 10/100 BaseT
  • RS232/RS485 (SUBD9)
  • Modbus RTU mode or transparent mode (Ethernet or serial)
  • Mirror mode with X8800-X4404-X4440 extension cards
  • 3 Dip-switch for RS485 at the back and 1 for test mode


This is compatible with all the advanced radio modems and cloud wireless range. It can access other radio modems using an Ethernet network or serial port. It can be configured from an embedded web page and can act as a radio bridge between different RS232/RS485 or Ethernet equipment.


  • Configuration by AT commands or embedded webpage
  • Settings can be saved in Flash
  • Firmware can be updated by Ethernet
  • Local or remote configuration and testing
  • Two wires power supply 10-30VCC/6W

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